Advance Junk Removal Cleans a Party

After Party Debris

Last week we received a call from one of our great friends, Sifi Entertainment. The owner, Simon, is a famous Atlanta DJ. He told us over the phone that he was DJing a huge party in Atlanta and asked us to clean up after the party. He went on telling us that there will be over one thousand people attending the party and there will be trash debris and junk everywhere. They also had a custom DJ booth made for only that night and that needed to be hauled off as well.

The DJ booth was enormous. We had too think about how we were going to haul this thing off and the best possible way to do it was to tear it down using some tools. We ended up getting the booth into four large separate pieces. Each piece was then placed on a four wheel dolly to roll straight to the truck. Once we reached the truck with the pieces, we then used some muscle power to lift them in. The booth also contained a lot of metal on them which we later recycled the next day.

After removing the booth, we had to move on to a bunch of collapsible chairs. There were only about 10-15 chairs that needed to be out. The chairs were in great condition and could be reused again so we later donated them to Goodwill. Advance Junk Removal always takes reusable items to Goodwill because we believe in giving back to our community.

The only thing left at the party was a bunch of trash debris. There were cups, cans, food items and a lot more. We decided to rake all the junk up into about ten large piles and bag them. All the aluminum cans were put in separate bags for recycling purposes.

Simon, our friend, was very thrilled we came to clean up and haul away everything. This is the first time his company hired us but not the last. He already booked another appointment for us to come out for a wedding after party next weekend!

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