Advance Junk Removal Has You Covered!

Advance Junk Removal Crew

Advance Junk Removal Crew

When it comes to getting your junk hauled away from your property you know Advance Junk Removal has you covered! We are different from most junk removal companies because we actually play by the book. What we mean by that is we actually do what we say we do. Lets talk about a few things we do that other companies won’t do.

One major flaw in other companies is they don’t take your junk to the proper places. A lot of these little guys with trucks and trailers tend to dump your trash in abandoned areas such as parking lots or undeveloped neighborhoods. This can leave you and that company in BIG trouble with the law.

Another flaw is that some of these sketchy companies in Atlanta don’t actually bring your stuff to the donation center. We (Advance Junk Removal) always bring your stuff to the proper facilities!

And another thing is when you call requesting an over the phone quote and the company refuses to give you a ball park estimate on the phone. DON’T WORK WITH THEM! They will tell you they can only give you an estimate in person. That’s a known trick in the book to suck you out of more money. You always want to choose a company that is straight forward with you and can tell you immediately a ball park estimate over the phone. It’s not that hard, trust me!

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