Advance Junk Removal Crew

Advance Junk Removal Crew

One thing that everybody loves about Advance Junk Removal is our crew. Our crew is young, clean cut guys that are in shape to do the job! The AJR crew is honest and trustworthy. Customers are always happy that they hired us because they chose the right guys. All of us that work here are friendly and love to spark up a conversations to get to know our customers. We like to simply “fit in and not be strangers”.

Another thing that customers love is that we always call you when we are on the way to your property. We usually give a 30 minute notice and it is very important to us to give an “on the way” call so that the costumer knows we are still coming and they have time to get ready for us. People love that we give a notice because sometimes they can forget that we are coming if they are busy.

Our crew is also very friendly. Once you meet us, you will want to invite us to your next barbeque! We are enjoyable people with professional service that goes an extra mile to get the job done!

You can find out a little more information on the founder by clicking here. To meet and experience our awesome crew, contact us and we will be more than happy to do a job for you. You can’t hire anybody better than us to do the job!

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