An Awesome Job for The U.S. Marshals

Training Ram Door

After Advance Junk Removal successfully completed a job for the U.S. Secret Service, we got another job from the federal government. This time it was for the U.S. Marshals.

A representative from the U.S. Marshals gave us a call a few months ago telling us they needed all the furniture removed out of their training facility. We told them the process on how we work and they were very pleased with us. When it came down to it, they called us back a couple days ago to schedule an appointment and we went from there!

When our junk squad arrived at the training facility they walked us through both floors and told us everything needed to go because they needed to get new furniture. That was no problem for us because we are use to full house clean ups.

As we were doing the couch removal process we notice there were a lot of cool used up ammo laying all over the ground. They used paintball ammo in their weapons for maximum training. We kept a few of those for a souvenir.

There were other awesome tactical training devices all over the facility. One fascinating object was the ram door they trained on. The ram door is a dummy door they used to break in to homes by ramming with a special device.

But besides all the cool things we saw, we still got the junk removal job done fast. It ended up being two full loads of junk that couldn’t be donated because they were torn up from training but we still ended up recycling all the metal we got from the job. Advance Junk Removal always tries to donate and recycle anything and everything we receive!

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