Basement Clean Out in Atlanta

Basement Clean Out Atlanta

Advance Junk Removal received a call from Susan, a good customer. She told us she needed her basement cleaned out as soon as possible because they were getting new furniture put in that same day. Luckily for her, we always have a crew out in Atlanta so we were able to arrive at her house within a couple hours of her phone call.

When the crew arrived, Susan brought them down to the basement to check out what was going. She wanted a couch, loveseat, coffee table and a bunch of miscellaneous junk to go. That was no problem for the AJR crew.

The furniture was in good condition so it was donated. All the cardboard boxes were recycled at the proper facility and the rest of the junk went to the landfill. Susan wrote us a fantastic review on the internet to show others how well we did!

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