Basement Clean Out in Smyrna

Basement Clean Out

Junky Junk in Basement

Recently, a new customer called our office and wanted to get a whole bunch of junk removed that was piled up in their basement. We set up a time and date which was only one day after our customer called.

The residential property was located in Smyrna and when we arrived we were able to back the truck up right next to the basement door. Once our crew went inside, we notice the customer had piled up all the items that we being removed into one corner of the house. The crew started immediately since they knew where all the junk was located. The job went something like this:

  • Pulling Out The Larger Items: The crew decided to pull out all the larger items in the pile to place them in the truck first. There were large boxes, big toys and also a couple dressers. All these items were stacked and organized in the back of the truck. There was also a large mattress but they saved that for later to throw on top of everything once the truck was full.
  • Removing The Smaller Items: The smaller items were pulled out of the pile after the larger ones. They were then carried to the truck and stacked in a proper way to maximize space. We do this to save our customers money.
  • Clean Up Time: After all the junk was hauled out to the truck, we grabbed the broom and dustpan to sweep up the smaller debris into a garbage bag. The crew made the area look like it’s never seen junk before!

This job was completely finished in less than an hour. The customer was amazed how fast we got it done. He thought he was going to get the moving van over the next day but since we got done faster than he expected, he was able to call them out the same day!

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