Removing Office Furniture in Atlanta, GA

Recently, we had an online booking come in from a company located in Atlanta. The description of the job was that they needed multiple desks removed from inside of their office. Shortly after the online booking, a gentlemen called to get a little more information. He asked us a few questions regarding the size of trucks we have and how … Read More

How To Get Rid of Old Furniture

Junk Chair

Do you have a lot of furniture that you’re not going to be using anymore? At first, it may seem like an easy thing to get rid of old furniture, but you’ll soon find out that it’s not as easy as moving your items next to your trash. Here are a few ways to get rid of furniture without too … Read More

Junk Removal for Real Estate Agents

real estate agent junk

Did you know that keeping the number of a reliable junk removal firm handy can benefit your career? Today real estate agents sometime face tremendous responsibilities when they help an owner prepare a property for sale. With tight competition in many markets, savvy agents appreciate the vital importance of “curb appeal”. As a general rule of thumb, the better the … Read More

De-clutter Before Summer Starts

Clutter is often a sign that you’re over stressed, overworked and too rushed to bring order and organization into your life. Not only does it make things hard to find, it can actually affect your mental state, exaggerating the pressure you already put on yourself. Now that the balmy months of summer are upon us, it’s the time when things … Read More

How To Turn Junk Into Cash

There are two ways to turn your junk into cash. The surefire option is to use an established, reputable junk collector, a professional who will give you a fair estimate, show up on time and quickly and efficiently remove your clutter. The other way is to take a long, thorough look at your trash before you throw it out. It’s … Read More

6 Most Valuable Collectible Items

Collecting things has been a pastime hobby for people since the beginning of time. In fact, the remarkable thing about collecting is that it can involve anything – that’s the draw to it for most collectors. They can control their addiction to whatever they choose to stockpile and how involved they want to become in it, making it the perfect … Read More

5 Ways to Save Energy During Winter

When it gets cold outside, your gas or electric bill (if using a heat pump) can sky rocket due to trying to keep the house warm and comfortable. The weather shouldn’t leave you broke and there are a couple tricks to keep the bills down. These tips can save you up to 20% on your bills each month during the … Read More

Storage Room Clean Out in Atlanta

Last week we had a call from a new customer who was referred by another past customer who used us multiple times. He gave our number to Linda because she needed to clear out some junk in her storage rooms in their house. We scheduled the job for Saturday morning and arrived there at 8 o’clock. The house was located … Read More

Renters Left Their Junk!

Garage Junk

Landlords always wonder what to do when their tenant leaves behind junk. There are a few things you need to do before getting rid of the stuff they left behind. First, make sure the tenant actually abandoned the property before assuming so. If the renter left the keys behind then it is pretty clear that they will not return. The … Read More

Quick Tips To Keep Your House Clean

Everybody loves a clean house but not everyone has the time to spend hours to make it spotless. We have a handful of tips to make sure your house stays clean. 1. Dishes A lot of families like to pile up their dishes in the sink until they have time to put them in the dishwasher. Don’t do that! When … Read More