Spring Cleaning Is Right Around The Corner

Spring Cleaning

It can be tough to gather everything you need gone around your house and bedroom when it’s time for Spring cleaning. Most people have unwanted junk hidden away in closets, basements or even the garage. Some people let themselves stress out around this time of the year because they don’t know what to keep or get rid of. Our simple advice is to walk around your house with a list and write down everything you want Continue reading “Spring Cleaning Is Right Around The Corner” »

How We Haul Junk When It’s Cold

freezing cold
Over the past few weeks it has been extremely cold, especially if you’re from the south. Here in Atlanta, it got down to 4 degrees just a couple days ago. Some people think we’re crazy because we mostly work outside and we had to deal with the freezing weather. Fortunately for us, it was just another day!

This is how we started out in the cold yesterday… I woke up at 6am to the sound of my Continue reading “How We Haul Junk When It’s Cold” »

Hot Tub Removal in Marietta

Hot Tub Removal

Last week a customer filled out our online booking form to schedule an appointment to remove their hot tub. They included in the description that the hot tub was on their back patio sitting on a concrete slab. They also informed us that it was still connected to the electricity. We gave them a courtesy call to let them know that we received their booking and told them the time we will arrive.

It was our Continue reading “Hot Tub Removal in Marietta” »

Hauling Junk Out of a Garage in Atlanta

Removing Junk Out of Garage in Alpharetta

We received a call from a new customer named Sandra. She told us that she works for a company that just bought a retirement home for elders and that they needed to remove all the junk out of the garage and get it hauled off. She told us she was pretty flexible with her time but we still were able to book her in a spot for the next morning. She was very excited that we Continue reading “Hauling Junk Out of a Garage in Atlanta” »

Why Atlanta’s Advance Junk Removal is Perfect For You

advance junk removal crew

There may be many reasons why you need to hire a junk removal company. Whether you have basement clutter or you need to get your garage cleaned out, junk removal companies can benefit you. But the question is, who can benefit you the most and why. We like to call ourselves the best junk company in and around Atlanta for numerous reasons below.

This is How You Know You’re from Atlanta

city of Atlanta I’ve been down in this awesome state called Georgia for 26 years now. Although I don’t live inside Atlanta, it is only a 15 minute drive from the end of my driveway to the big beautiful city. I spend most of my weekends venturing around Atlanta because there is a lot to do. This is how you know you’re from Atlanta…

  • Lets face it, Atlanta traffic is something everyone living here has experienced. Whether you are coming from the city or going in the city, you more than likely have sat in standstill traffic. Our 8am rush hour starts at 6:30am and lasts until 10:30am. The 5pm rush hour is from 3pm-7pm. This includes Saturdays.
  • Everyone in Atlanta knows the famous road Ponce De Leon Ave. But if you live in the city, you call it Ponce.
  • You know you’re from Atlanta if you remember the BIG 4 radio stations as Star 94, Z93, 96 Rock and Fox 97.
  • You hope you are the one to find the car that is the subject of the latest “Amber Alert” which has been flashing for ten minutes on the DOT message board or now days you get an Amber Alert on your phone that scares the crap out of you because you never heard your phone make that noise before.
  • If there is the slightest chance of snow, all schools will close and the parking lot of the nearest grocery store will be full but once you make it inside, all the bread is already sold out.
  • The only time you eat at waffle house is Saturday or Sunday morning with a bad hang over.
  • You had a field trip to the Varsity when you were a kid to experience one of Atlanta’s biggest landmarks.
  • You thought about getting a blow up doll for your front seat just to cruise down the HOV lane without getting a ticket.
  • If someone orders unsweet tea and you think they are crazy.
  • You know Atlantans don’t have a southern accent except for the term “y’all”.
  • You know that the Big Chicken is located in Marietta.
  • You don’t like outsiders using the term “Hotlanta” to refer to our city.
  • You think the world is flat and the ends are the I-285 perimeter.
  • During the Georgia- Florida game there is complete silence in the last 5 remaining minutes.
  • When Spring starts and you see that small amount of yellow powdery substance on your car, you know you will be taking allergy pills for the next month.
  • You know you’re going to “hipster” land when you make your way to the Vortex to clog an artery.


I’m sure you all can add to the list. If you have anything else that needs to be added, feel free to leave a comment below!

How To Stay Safe With Junk

Junk Debris Removal

When you have junk scattered around the house or even outside of the house in the backyard or front, it can be a safety hazard for a few different reasons. When your junk is outside and has been sitting out there for awhile it can generate bad bacteria and germs. The same can happen when your junk is inside and not getting the proper cleaning attention. Here we will go over a few safety tips on staying clean with junk around your home.

  • Always Wash Your Hands: When your handling junk outside, of course it will have germs on it that you don’t want to spread around your house and get people sick. You can keep colds away with simply washing your hands when handling items that are infected with bad bacteria. Make sure you have your kids wash their hands when they play in a clean area so you can always keep the area germ free. When you wash your hands, use warm water and rub your hands good with soap for about 30 seconds. Always dry your hands with a clean towel.
  • Get Rid of Scattered Junk: If you do have scattered junk around the outside of your property, you should move it all in one pile. Having one pile of junk is better than having junky germs all across your yard. Also, call a junk removal company as soon as possible to get rid of the junk out of your yard!
  • Clean Your Old Furniture/Appliances: Even though you have broken old appliances or furniture that you are ready to junk out, keep those items clean also if they are in your home. Items that are not cleaned often absorb dust and get dirty. Wipe them down with a wash cloth to get rid of the dust build up. Once you are ready to throw them out, give us a call and we will come remove them from you anytime!

After reading the above tips, you should know by now it’s better to stay clean than dirty. Attracting germs in your living area will get you and your family sick. Have fun and stay germ free!

Clearing Out A Garage in Marietta

junk removal customer

We were notified by a new customer named Kait to get rid of some junk they left behind after selling their house in Marietta. She told us she had all sorts of stuff located in her garage and she needed it removed soon because they were closing on the house. We booked her in the first available spot which was the very next day of her call.

Once our crew arrived to her property, they reviewed all the junk that was in the garage. It was just normal household debris stacked up in the middle of the floor and also a large copier in the corner of the garage. The crew hauled off all the debris in the middle of the floor and then grabbed the dolly to put the over sized copier in the truck. After everything was loaded up, there were just a few more items upstairs in the house. The crew handled that real quick and wrapped up the job.

Kait was very pleased with our fast performance and professionalism. She asked us for a hand full of business cards to hand out to her friends and future neighbors. She recommends Advance Junk Removal for everybody’s junk removal needs. We are happy that we put another smile on someones face!

Junk Removal for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is just around the corner! If you haven’t figured out what to get dear old Dad for this special occasion, don’t worry: There’s still time to come up with something great. In the Atlanta area, you might even consider giving the guys at Advance Junk Removal a call to help Dad cut through the clutter in time for his special day.

Wait just a second! Junk removal for Father’s Day? It’s probably something you haven’t considered before, but stay with us. Think about it for a while and you’ll find plenty of good reasons why you should make that appointment in time for June 16th. Let’s look at just a few excellent ways junk removal can help make the holiday a little brighter.

1) Giving Dad His Own Space
Whether his favorite place is the garage or the study, Dad can’t use it if it’s full of junk. Clearing it out will give him the space he needs to enjoy his hobbies and relax. Our junk removal service is safe, easy and fast. That means it’s a great way to “start over” with any space that’s been tough to enjoy thanks to clutter.

2) Making Life a Little Easier
When it comes to removing tons of tough junk, who ends up doing it? It piles up for ages … and then Dad has to take care of it. By calling Advance Junk Removal, you’ll be making things easier for him on down the road. Thanks to our experience, we can get done in hours what might take days or weeks otherwise.

3) Surprising Him With The Unexpected
There’s nothing wrong with ties, cologne or other traditional gifts for Father’s Day — but he’ll never expect something like this. There are plenty of ways to incorporate our service into a thoughtful surprise. Take Dad out for dinner or even a weekend away and when he gets home, he’ll find one of the toughest household jobs done for him.

At Advance Junk Removal, we work hard so that you and Dad don’t have to. Our team is made up of the most trusted junk removal professionals in Georgia. We treat your property with respect every step of the way. Plus, our methods are environmentally friendly! Give us a call today to learn more.

Five Ways to Stay Junk Free


Everyone is busy these days, so it can be tough to make sure you keep your home and its surroundings free of junk. It’s a good idea to cultivate a few habits that will help things stay clean, neat and organized. If you work on reducing junk for an hour or two a month, you’ll find that you save a lot of time in the long run. Let’s discuss a few ideas that can help.

1)Recycle Loose Paper
Many people go through a lot of printer paper throughout the course of their year. It’s a great idea to get a recycling bin and go through any papers at the end of the day or week to make sure you are getting rid of printed materials you don’t need.

2) Break Down and Eliminate Boxes
If you receive a lot of deliveries, odds are that you have a number of old cardboard boxes around. Break down these boxes and recycle them at the end of the week. Only keep them if you are planning on packing up for a move in the immediate future.

3) Donate Old Clothes
Closets can become completely full of older items, making it hard to keep your clothes organized and just as tricky to get newer, better-fitting items into your home. Luckily, it’s especially easy to get rid of old clothing. Most cities have many local organizations that will accept them.

4) Keep Things Clean
The more you keep household surfaces clean and dusted, the less clutter you will want in your home and the more motivated you will be to get rid of junk before it starts to pile up. If you feel like you just can’t get around to tackling junk, start slow with light cleaning instead.

5) Get a Fresh Start
Sometimes, the easiest way to deal with junk is to start over from the beginning. That’s when you should call your friendly neighborhood junk removal professionals here at Advance Junk Removal. We can help you with even the toughest junk removal tasks, whether you need us to get rid of yard waste, clear out old appliances or even clean out your entire property.

Here in the Atlanta area, you just can’t go wrong with Advance Junk Removal. Not only can we help you with the widest range of junk removal tasks, but we also recycle 60% of all the junk we collect, so you can feel confident you’re doing your part for the environment.

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