Carpet Removal

Carpet Removal Atlanta
Carpet Removal Atlanta

Carpet Piled Up In A Garage

Ever wonder what to do with that old carpet you just replaced? I’m sure you have, especially if you found this site. Well, good news is that you just found a company to do your carpet removal in Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta or any of the metro areas!

We are Advance Junk Removal and we remove any junk that you have. Whether if it’s old carpet or any construction debris we will take it! We also remove furniture, appliances and basically anything! Click here to check out our homepage to find out exactly what we do.

Okay, back on topic. Many people have no idea what do to with their old carpet they just replaced. They will store it in the basement or garage where all it does it take up space. Or maybe they do know what to do with it and that’s why they (cough *you* cough) looked up a junk removal service.

Well today is your day, because you found the most trusted and affordable junk removal company in Atlanta. We are a well respected company with A+ customer service. People choose us because we are clean cut and have great attitudes. They also choose us because we don’t rip you off for your money like those other companies do. Pick up the phone and schedule your junk removal service today! 678-837-8426

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