Cleaning Out My Garage

Garage Junk
Garage Junk

A Messy Garage

On Christmas morning after opening up all of your presents where do you put those empty boxes? Do you just throw them in the garage? How about that new T.V. you just bought because your old one burnt out. Do you throw that box in the garage as well hoping you remember to put it on the curb for your garbage service to pick up?

A lot of people tend to use their garage as a storage unit. But the bad thing is it gets filled up with useless junk and garbage over time and you can’t even park your car in there anymore. Your car will get soiled with berries and sap falling off the trees above your driveway, do you want that to happy to your beautiful vehicle?

It’s time for you to clean that garage out and put your car back in there. That’s why we’re here! Advance Junk Removal does full garage clean outs in Atlanta and the Metro areas. We are known for the most affordable prices which includes our top notch customer service and our clean cut crew that will show up at your property.

Our business saves you time and money. When we arrive to your home, you just point to what needs to go and we will handle it from there. It’s that simple! No need for you to lift anything and strain your back. We have a highly trained and professional squad of good looking guys that know exactly how to lift that heavy refrigerator or couch and haul it off.

Next time you clean your garage have us in mind! We will not let you down. We leave your home with a smile on your face!

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