Clearing Out A Garage in Marietta

Advance Junk Removal's Happy Customer

junk removal customer

We were notified by a new customer named Kait to get rid of some junk they left behind after selling their house in Marietta. She told us she had all sorts of stuff located in her garage and she needed it removed soon because they were closing on the house. We booked her in the first available spot which was the very next day of her call.

Once our crew arrived to her property, they reviewed all the junk that was in the garage. It was just normal household debris stacked up in the middle of the floor and also a large copier in the corner of the garage. The crew hauled off all the debris in the middle of the floor and then grabbed the dolly to put the over sized copier in the truck. After everything was loaded up, there were just a few more items upstairs in the house. The crew handled that real quick and wrapped up the job.

Kait was very pleased with our fast performance and professionalism. She asked us for a hand full of business cards to hand out to her friends and future neighbors. She recommends Advance Junk Removal for everybody’s junk removal needs. We are happy that we put another smile on someones face!

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