Computer Removal and Recycling

These days technology is advancing at a high rate. That means new computers will be taking over your office or home eventually. But what do you do with your old computer? You can’t just throw it away with the rest of your garbage. Did you know that businesses can be fined if they are caught improperly disposing computers?

If you need to get rid of those old computers to make room for the new ones let Advance Junk Removal handle it. We recycle all computers and all electronics, we do it the right way!

So if you need computer removal and recycling our process is simple. Simply call us or book online for an appointment. Our uniformed junk crew will give you a call 30 minutes before your appointment to remind you we are on the way. Upon arrival, just point to what you want removed and we will haul it off for you with an affordable price. We will then clean up the area where the junk was. It’s that simple!

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