Construction Debris Junk Removal in Marietta

Marietta Construction Junk
Marietta Construction Junk

Junk Pile

Advance Junk Removal got a call from a lady who remodeled her bathroom in Marietta, GA. When we pulled up to her house, the construction debris was sitting on the driveway waiting for us to haul it off. We were able to back the truck right up to it after asking the landscaper if he was able to move his truck to the street while we quickly load everything up. He was kind enough to do that for us and we went to work.

When we started loading the truck up, we noticed there was a little bit of everything in that pile. Carpet, tile, drywall, wood and some other debris. We loaded the flat pieces of wood in first so we could save more room for the other stuff. The Advance Junk Removal Crew always finds a way to save space in the truck which saves you money!

Once we were done loading everything up, we notified the customer and gave her the invoice. She was surprised at how much it was because she got a quote from another company that was more expensive than us. We gained a client because we found out her husband was the one who remodeled their bathroom. He is a contractor and does these kind of jobs on a daily basis. We now have a happy client that uses our services a few times a month!

Contact us today if you have debris laying around your driveway or anywhere that needs to be hauled off immediately!

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