Construction Debris Removal in Alpharetta

Getting Trash Removed in Atlanta

One of our frequent customers called us because he was remodeling a house in Alpharetta and needed to get rid of the construction debris.

The pile contained cabinets, cardboard boxes, tiles, drywall and a lot of other debris. The items were located in the basement around back of the property. We sent a two men crew to the location to start the debris removal process.

It took our crew less than an hour to complete. Our crew works hard to get the job done as fast as possible so our customers can have more space to work on the house.

Our customer hires us once or twice a week to clean up the properties they work on because we are competitive with our pricing and work fast and hard to get the job done!

Our New Customer Update:
Back when we wrote this blog post we mentioned that we gained a regular customer. We have been working for him for a while now and he throws all kinds of jobs our way. Just a few days ago we went to a residential property that had a bunch of wood and other debris in the garage waiting for us to remove it. We ended up finishing that job in less than 30 minutes. We still maintain a strong relationship with Ricky!

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