Construction Debris Removal in Duluth

construction debris in duluth

construction debris in duluth

A couple days ago we received a call from a new customer. He told us he needed some construction debris removal within a few days so we went ahead and put him in the books. When the AJR Crew arrived, they noticed it was all stacked up right on the driveway for easy access. They remodeled the kitchen, bathroom and another small room. Corey and Taylor were the guys to complete this task for our new customer.

  • First, they pulled out all the bags from the debris and loaded them in the very back of the truck. Our crew puts the bags in the truck first because they are usually filled with heavy material. There was about 15 bags full of drywall and tile, but that’s okay because our crew has big muscles and they love doing this. In their eyes they don’t need to make a visit to the gym!
  • Second, they pulled out all the flat pieces of wood and stacked them neatly in the truck. The reason why our crew cares about stacking properly is to save room for the customer. More room equals money saved!
  • Third, Corey and Taylor grabbed the rest of the miscellaneous junk and placed them in the truck while focusing on the larger items.
  • And last but not least it was time to gather all the small debris around the site to clean up. It was slightly a challenge to gather the small stuff into a single pile but the crew quickly figured out a technique to easily do this. Once the smaller items were in one pile, they used construction bags to easily maneuver the junk into them.

Our job was done at last! Our crew took care of our new customer. He was very satisfied of the work we did and asked for a hand full of business cards to hand them out to his buddies. He has already called us and set up two more jobs in different locations for him. We are glad to see our customers happy!

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