Construction Debris Removal in Dunwoody

Construction Debirs Removal Dunwoody

Construction Debirs Removal Dunwoody

Our good customer Wes who is a contractor gave us a call and needed construction debris removal in Dunwoody as soon as possible because his client was having guests over for the evening.

Advance Junk Removal arrived the same day to take care of this job. When the crew arrived to the destination, they noticed the construction debris was located right outside of their front door by their walkway. We understand that it’s a problem if you attend to have guests over later that evening so we started the removal process fast.

The pile included large bags of broken up tile, drywall, cardboard boxes and a bunch of other miscellaneous junk. The bags were extremely heavy so we used a dolly to transport them into the truck. We then proceeded to hand pick out all the cardboard boxes so all we had left is the smaller debris.

Dealing with smaller debris is a different obstacle. We had to think of something to tackle the debris fast so we ended up laying a tarp down and throwing all the smaller debris on it to transport it to the truck. We made about 10 different trips to the truck using the tarp as a tool to get the smaller stuff in. We could have tackled it a much different way by bagging up the debris but it would have been more time consuming.

Now that we had all the junk in the truck it was time for clean up. We raked all the little particles that fell out of the bags from the grass into a pile for easy removal. We then swept the walkway into a few different piles of broken up drywall and bagged them up. But we noticed there was still white powder residue from the drywall on the walkway so we got the water hose and washed it all off.

The outcome of this job was amazing. Everything was spotless and you couldn’t even tell there was a mess before we got there!

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