Disposing Old Paint

Disposing Old Paint Junk Removal

Every year in the United States, people throw away over 50 million gallons of paint which is enough paint to fill over 120 Olympic swimming pools. There are a couple different kinds of paint and a few different ways for disposing old paint.

One kind of paint is Latex paint. To get rid of this kind, the container needs to be completely empty. What Advance Junk Removal recommends is to pour a paint hardener in the can such as kitty litter. Other options are mulch and even shredded paper. After pouring the hardener in the can, you can grab a stick or something in that nature to stir around and make sure it mixed with the paint. Once it has hardened, it is safe to throw away in your regular garbage or you can call a junk removal company to come pick it up without a surcharge fee.

Another kind of paint is oil based. The safest way to get rid of this is to bring it to a local recycling facility. You may want to get in touch with the recycling company first to make sure what kind of policies they have. The recycling company will usually mix old paint together and donate them to places such as habitat for humanity.

If you ever run out of options, junk removal companies will dispose old paint for you with a small surcharge if the paint is not dried up or empty. Taking this route will save the consumer a lot of time and headaches. Advance Junk Removal will never give our customers a surcharge if the containers are dried out or empty.

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