Driveway Debris in Duluth

Driveway Junk and Debris
Driveway Junk and Debris

Random Junk

A homeowner gave us a call regarding junk and debris on his driveway after he evicted his tenants that occupied the house in Duluth. He went on to tell us that the pile contained numerous household items and boxes of plain old trash. He needed his driveway cleared out before the weekend started so he can get this house back on the market. We scheduled a spot for him that fit his schedule accordingly.

Upon arrival, the AJR Crew spotted out the junk immediately and started the removal process. To save the customer money, we had one of the crew guys in the truck while the other guy was handing him the debris so we could organize the truck better and save more space. After the crew cleared out the driveway, it was time for cleanup.

Because the driveway was damp from the recent rain, we had to gather a few tools to grab papers and other materials that were stuck to the driveway. We used a metal rake for this procedure and raked all the loose papers into one pile. We then went on to use a shovel to scoop the pile into the truck. After that, we swept the area to get all loose debris.

After the job was done, we gave a call to the customer explaining we were done and sent him pictures of our work. He was extremely pleased and payed us over the phone via credit card because he couldn’t make it out to Duluth at the moment. Unfortunately, we were unable to donate any of the items because they were destroyed by the rain but we will make up for it next time!

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