Dunwoody Junk Removal Company

Advance Junk Removal Crew

We are a hauling company that gets rid of your junk for you. We are rated the most affordable junk removal company in Atlanta with great customer service that nobody can beat.

Our Dunwoody division covers every part of this awesome community. We specialize in residential and commercial hauling. We do all the labor no matter where your items are located.

We are different from the other companies for a few different reasons. We arrive in uniforms with clean cut guys that are trained for any kind of haul off. They also come with all the tools needed for any kind of job you throw at them.

When we arrive to your house or business, all you have to do is tell our guys where your stuff is located and let us do the work from there. It’s that easy! You don’t have to help in any kind of way by moving the stuff into a central location. We work with anything that is scattered around the building.

Our company will sort through all the junk to see what needs to be taken to the donation center and what needs to be taken to the landfill. If we missed something once we get to the landfill, there is a special part where we can put the item there.

Here is a small story about how we served a local customer recently… We arrived to a wonderful ladies house to get rid of some stuff that was all around her garage. Her and her family just moved from another local city so they had a bunch of boxes and some other things. We gave her a quote, loaded the truck and went to go notify her that we were done. When we rang the doorbell she came outside and realized she didn’t take enough money out of the bank. She wanted us to follow her back to the ATM so she can pull out some more cash. We told her not to worry about it and told her to buy herself some lunch to help relive some stress from moving. She was so thrilled by our service, she told us to hold on for a few seconds. Little did we know, she went inside and made us two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We were very happy that we just made another great bond with our customer!

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