Founder of Advance Junk Removal Cameron Zand

Cameron Zand founder of Advance Junk Removal
Cameron Zand founder of Advance Junk Removal

Founder Cameron Zand

Cameron Zand, born March 1987, is the founder and owner of Advance Junk Removal, Atlanta’s most respected junk removal company. Graduating from Pope High School in Marietta, Georgia, he always dreamed of owning his own business. While growing up in Marietta, he always wanted to find ways to help people out and had already developed an entrepreneur mindset, even before graduating.

While starting his company in 2009, the company is getting more successful each year. Cameron strives for excellence and wants to build his company to be the largest in this area of competition.

Cameron works hard for his business, his community and everyone around him. Donating is very important to him, from time to supplies, any way he can help, he is right there. While running a business takes up most of his time, he will always be there when needed.

Not only does Cameron do many things for his community, he also believes in recycling. With this type of business there is always items that can be reused and to help save the environment. He prides himself on helping to take care of the environment as well as his community.

If you want the job done right, then look no further. Cameron and his company will do the job with fair competitive pricing and professionalism.

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