Getting Rid of Trash in Atlanta

Getting Trash Removed in Atlanta

When it comes to getting rid of trash in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, it can be quite easy depending on what the person is trying to remove. Weekly garbage services only take certain stuff and will not take items such as paint or larger items. This is where junk removal companies come in handy. These companies such as us (Advance Junk Removal) will trash away anything and everything you have. Lets break it down with a few scenarios.

When it’s that time to remodel your bathroom, usually people tear up the tile, pull out the bath tub and probably pull out the toilet and sink vanity as well. There also can be some sheet rock involved with your remodeling depending on what exactly you’re doing to the area. These items are an example of what a weekly trash service won’t pick up. All it takes is one simple call to our company and we will have a crew deployed to your location and get the hauling process started as soon as possible.

Another scenario is if you have an old playset that needs to be torn down and removed. Do you know how to use the proper tools to disassemble it? Our crews sure do! In fact, we use multiple tools for playset removal jobs. Once all the wood is taken apart in pieces by our crew, we simply haul it off to our truck and then take it to the landfill. It saves you time and headaches for us to handle these sorts of jobs.

And the last scenario we are going to talk about is the removal of furniture. Lets face it, most people can’t move a couch or dresser by themselves unless you are the almighty Hulk. But what if you can, you still will have no idea how to get rid of these larger items. Our company will grab any piece of furniture you have and haul it away no matter where they are located in the house!

Those were just a few examples of how a junk removal company can benefit you on getting trash removed. It’s simple, just call us and schedule a time and date to when you want to remove your stuff and we will be there to give you the best customer service and excellent prices you can ask for!

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