A Hauling Job in Alpharetta


Hauling in Alpharetta

During the afternoon on June 12th we had a call from one of our awesome repeat customers Carol that lives in Alpharetta. She went on to tell us that their guest bedroom down in the basement was full of junk and that they had been using it as a storage room. Well, her brother surprised her that day and came for a visit but he didn’t have anywhere to stay except for that guest bedroom. She asked us if we had any available spots that day. Luckily we had one spot open at the end of the day so we put her in our books and rode out there.

When the Advance Junk Removal squad arrived at her property, they went to the room and noticed is was filled with all sorts of stuff. There were old clothes, boxes filled with papers and other sorts of items and just a bunch of miscellaneous things. It was important to her that we get the job done fast so her brother can unpack his luggage and settle in the guest room.

The first step was to remove all the biggest items in the room. The bigger items included; one T.V., one dresser and a mini fridge. The AJR squad worked as a team while one loaded the dolly up and the other would haul it off to the big Green Machine (our awesome truck). After removing the bigger items, it was time to make a move on the boxes.

There were multiple boxes, we couldn’t even get a count on them. We loaded 3-5 boxes on each dolly trip to make it a faster haul off. One of the junk squad guys stayed in the truck to organize the boxes to save as much space as possible so we could get this job done in one trip.

The job ended up going great as usual. We got everything packed in the truck and it only took us one load. Carol was very happy with us and actually made us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch! What had started out as a stressful day for Carol ended up as a great day for her!

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