Hauling Junk Out of a Garage in Atlanta

Removing Junk Out of Garage in Alpharetta

We received a call from a new customer named Sandra. She told us that she works for a company that just bought a retirement home for elders and that they needed to remove all the junk out of the garage and get it hauled off. She told us she was pretty flexible with her time but we still were able to book her in a spot for the next morning. She was very excited that we were able to book her so fast because she thought she would have to wait at least a couple days.

When the crew started to head over to the property, they gave Sandra a courtesy call about 30 minutes before arriving to let her know that they were on the way. Our company does that to let our customers be prepared for us to arrive just in case they forgot or something had come up and they would need to reschedule. Luckily, she didn’t forget about the schedule and she welcomed us to come. Our crew ended up arriving about 5 minutes early and she was very pleased with that.

Once the crew was at the property, it was time for them to check out the garage that needed to be cleared out. It was a two car garage that had a lot of old furniture, boxes, wood and a bunch of other miscellaneous debris in there. They started loading all the bulky furniture in first to make sure they organized the truck well. The reason we do this is to save as much space as possible for our customers.

After all the bulky items were loaded in, it was time to load up the boxes. There were only about 10 or so boxes that needed to be hauled off. They were stacked neatly in the truck to save room for the rest of the junk. They went to the wood next to load those in neatly. The wood was placed on the very right side of the truck which allowed more space to fit anything else she needed hauled off.

Sandra took a quick walk through the garage just to make sure she didn’t forget about anything. She noticed that there were two night stands that were hiding in the corner of the garage that needed to go. We were able to fit these night stands perfectly in the back for her. We asked her if there was anything else that we can take away for her and she said we were finished! She was very happy that we were able to fit all what she had in one truck load. She took a few business cards from us and said she will use our services in the future and refer us. Our crew left knowing they put another smile on a customers face!

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