How Hoarding Can Be a Problem

Hoarding Problem

If you’ve ever watched the TV show Hoarders, you might be amazed at how people end up with so much junk in their homes. Hoarding is a serious psychological issue that often requires help on multiple fronts before it can be resolved. One of the major areas where a hoarder can benefit from outside assistance is junk removal. Only when the useless stuff is finally banished can the process of change really get started.

Below, you’ll find a few of the ways that hoarding can present serious problems:
Hoarding Problem

    • It Can Make Your Home More Dangerous

In severe hoarding, the paths you use throughout your home become clogged with junk. Hoarders may create narrow pathways to move from place to place or may find themselves climbing over objects. When the situation becomes this serious, hoarding can cause dramatic physical injury. Piles of things can collapse and trap the person in that house suddenly. Accidental falling also becomes more likely. In the event of an emergency, firefighters or paramedics will have a harder time rendering life-saving help.

    • It Can Spread Serious Disease in the Home

Objects a hoarder collects rarely get cleaned. This makes sense when you think about the towering piles of clutter that can literally take over rooms. Dirt and grime will quickly collect on these items and create sanitation hazards throughout a house. The problem can become even more severe when a person shares the home with animals — or when some of the hoarding behavior focuses on animals. Under these conditions, diseases others rarely encounter become a constant threat for the individual.

    • Can Lead to Social Isolation

One of the reasons it’s so difficult to help a person with this condition is because the condition contributes to social isolation. Useless stuff can take over entire rooms. These people often experience embarrassment and guilt; this makes more difficult for them to get the help they need. Usually, that help has to come from a team of experts — including a junk removal service.


If you have a friend or loved one struggling with this problem, you understand that person can’t simply “clean up” alone. At Advance Junk Removal, our team members understand how to quickly and efficiently remove any useless items that shouldn’t be there. Our services can help a hoarder gain control in life again — by doing all the hard work quickly and inexpensively. This leaves you and those you care about free to focus on healing.

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