Hot Tub Removal in Alpharetta

Hot Tub Removal
When it’s time to get rid of your hot tub, you may not know what to do. These tubs are big and bulky and can weigh a lot. The problem is, how do you get rid of one?

Well, that’s where we come into play. We remove these things on a weekly basis because people don’t usually have the right tools to get rid of them themselves. Even if they do have the tools, how are they going to trash it?

Advance Junk Removal takes care of all this for you. Once we arrive to your house, all you need to do is show us where the hot tub is located and we will begin the removal process. If it’s needed, we will cut the tub into light enough pieces to haul it away. There are times where we don’t need to do any cutting and we can just slap it on our dolly.

Our process is easy as 1. 2. 3. You can call us and we will give you a price range over the phone. Then when we get out to your house, we will give you an exact price before doing any work. Once we are done loading everything up, you can pay by check, cash or any major credit card. You can also book online for a more convenient way and you can choose any available time slots we have open.

Here is a recent short story on removing a hot tub in Alpharetta…

We received a call from a new customer named Sandy. She told us she wanted to remove her tub while her husband was out of town for a surprise but needed it done before the weekend. We had an open spot for 8am-10am the next day which was a Thursday. When our crew arrived, she showed us where it was and we gave her a price which she was happy with and then we began the removal process.

The first step we took was to see if it was still connected to the electricity. Sure enough it was so we located the GFCI box and turned it off. After turning off the power to it, we cut the wires and capped them. Then we went on to see if it was light enough to put on the dolly and roll it up to the truck. It was a little too heavy so we pulled out the sawzall and cut it into two equally sized pieces.

We then put each piece at a time on the dolly and wheeled it up to the truck. That process took about 30 minutes. We weren’t done yet because we created a little bit of a mess with a small amount of debris but it was nothing to stress about because we grabbed our broom and dust pan and swept it all up into a bag.

We completely finished the job in about 45 minutes. Sandy was really happy because she decided she was going to purchase a new outside table for that spot. She couldn’t wait to surprise her husband!

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