Hot Tub Removal and Disposal

Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Removal

Is your big bulky hot tub standing between you and your next project? Advance Junk Removal has got you covered! Removing hot tubs at an affordable price is all in a day’s work for this skilled company! No need to worry about labor, dismantling or motor recycling. All of these elements are INCLUDED!

Advance Junk Removal will promptly, efficiently and expertly tackle the project of removing your hot tub for you, leaving you with enough money left over to start on your own project once it is removed! Our company will also disconnect the electricity going to the hot tub if it’s still connected. Viola! No more hot tub and you didn’t have to spend a pile of hard-earned money!

Our crews come prepared with the necessary tools for dismantle. We also recycle or donate as much of it as we can that is still usable. For instance, once we take apart the tub, we will remove the motor and recycle it after we leave the job.

Removing Your Hot Tub Safely

There are a few ways we handle these types of jobs because they are bulky. A select few of tubs are actually light enough to pick up and roll on out with a dolly. However, other times we have to use special tools to cut the tub in a few pieces so we are able to move the pieces safely into the truck for disposal. When our crew first arrives to the property, we will check to see if the tub is still connected to electricity. If it is, we will locate the GFCI breaker and turn it off before cutting and capping the wires.

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