Hot Tub Removal in Duluth

Hot Tub Removal Duluth

Advance Junk Removal received a call from a new customer that needed to remove his hot tub from behind his house in Duluth. We scheduled a pick up in the morning for the following day.

When the AJR Crew arrived to the property they noticed the hot tub was still connected to the power. Our crew comes prepared to cut and plug wires, so the crew grabbed all the tools from inside the truck and headed back to the hot tub. First, they made sure the wires were not hot, so they went over to the GFCI breaker box and turned the switch to the off position. They also went inside the house and turned off the breakers just to make sure. We then disconnected the wires from the hot tub and capped them off for safe disconnection.

After the wires were removed and capped, it was time to do the hot tub removal. Our crew ended up taking out the sawzall to cut the hot tub in pieces because it was too heavy in one piece. First they cut off the motor and tubing and set those aside. After those were removed, they cut all the wood from the tub and put the wood aside. Now it was the tubs turn to get cut. The tub was cut into four pieces for easier removal. All pieces including the wood, motor and tubing were walked up to the truck one by one.

After the hot tub was in the truck ready for haul off, the crew swept the ground and made sure everything was clean. The crew took about 45 minutes from start to finish. Our customer was extremely satisfied and told us he will be calling us soon in the future to clean out his garage!

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