Hot Tub Removal in Marietta

Hot Tub Removal

Last week a customer filled out our online booking form to schedule an appointment to remove their hot tub. They included in the description that the hot tub was on their back patio sitting on a concrete slab. They also informed us that it was still connected to the electricity. We gave them a courtesy call to let them know that we received their booking and told them the time we will arrive.

It was our first job in the morning on Monday. We got in the truck and headed to Marietta for their hot tub removal. We arrived to the location at 8am and we rang the doorbell. Our customer named Phillip came out and greeted us and took us around to the backyard to check out our job. We took a look at it to see what kind of tools we need to grab out of the truck and we headed to the truck to grab the sawzall, wire clippers and caps.

The first step we took was to find the breaker box to turn the power off of the tub. Once that was done, we clipped the wires, stripped them and capped them for safety. We then removed the wood panels that go around the tub so we could get to the motor. Once we go to the motor, we removed it and put it in the truck to recycle. After all that was done, we took out the sawzall and got to work.

We started cutting down the middle of the tub to make it in two pieces. We then tried to lift each piece to see if it was light enough to haul off but it wasn’t. We cut each half one more time to make it into four equally cut pieces. After that, we took each piece one by one to the truck and lifted them in there. We went back to the scene with a broom and a trash bag to clean up all the little scrap pieces scattered around. We ended up completing the job in 45 minutes!

We went to the door to grab Phillip to let him know we finished. He came down to check everything out and was very excited that it was gone. He was happy with our services and scheduled us for Friday to come clean out some junk out of his garage. We left happy knowing we just left a smile on another customers face!

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