Hot Tub Removal in Woodstock

hot tub removal woodstock

Last week a call came in by a new customer named Paul. He went on to tell us that he had an old hot tub that hasn’t worked in ages and needed to be removed so he could do something else with the area and space it was taking up. He said they bought the hot tub when they moved into the house about ten years ago and it got struck by lightning a couple years back and hasn’t worked since so he looked up some hot tub removal companies and found us and decided to call us because we had good reviews.

When we arrived to Paul’s property, we went around the back of the house where it was located and took a good look at it. We followed the electricity cord to the GFCI breaker and turned it off. We also made sure the breaker inside the house was turned off for extra protection. Once we knew that all the electricity was stopped to the hot tub, we cut the wire and took out the motor which is usually the first thing we remove out of a hot tub when we start.

Our next step was to cut the tub into four different pieces. The only time we have to use our tools to cut it up is when it’s to large or heavy for us to move. We hauled the four pieces up to the truck and then went back down to sweep and gather all the smaller debris that came off during the removal process.

After about 45 minutes, the hot tub was completely removed and the giant space it was taking up was back! We went to the front door to grab Paul and show him the final result. He was amazed at how much space the tub actually took up. He doesn’t exactly know what he plans on using his new space for yet, but he said he was going to put something there.

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