Household Items Removed in Roswell


House Hold Junk

A new customer called in and needed to get rid of a lot of household junk because they were selling the house out of Roswell and moving a few miles down the road. When the crew arrived at the house, there were several piles of accumulated junk around the house. To be exact, there was one pile on the main level and three massive piles in the basement of the home. The crew wanted to tackle the basement first and then get the main level because the most time consuming was the basement. The customer let them back the truck up on the grass right up to the basement door which saved them a lot of time. Here are a few detailed steps on how the crew members went on with this job:

  • Pile #1: The first pile was located in the very back of the basement. The whole bottom level of the house was gigantic which is probably why they had a few piles to begin with. There were a lot of bigger items to haul from this area, pieces of furniture to be exact. One of the furniture items was a very old antique dresser which was made in the 1700s, this piece was amazing with the original paint still on it. Another piece was also an antique but it was different. The rest of the bigger pieces were things such as mattresses and TV stands. The crew ended up doing something different with these items but we’ll get into that later.
  • Pile #2: This pile of household junk had everything you can think of in it. Clothing, boxes, electronics you name it. The crew bagged up all the loose clothing which made up to be 6 bags and they were put off to the side for donating. The electronics such as old computers and some entertainment devices were also put on a different side of the truck. The team was organizing the truck in a special way because there was so much that could be reused again. Once done, the guys swept up the small debris and put dumped it in empty boxes then placed them in the back of the truck.
  • Pile #3: This one was mostly filled with a lot of old wood. The wood came in all shape in sizes so the guys placed the flat pieces in the truck first then went on to the others. There were very long pieces of wood that had to be cut, maybe 15-20 to be exact. The crew came prepared (and always does) with the right tools to get the job done. In this case, they used a circular saw to cut them all in half.
  • Pile #4: The last are was upstairs on the main level of the house. These household items were removed by the crew last because it was the easiest to accomplish. It was mostly empty boxes with a few others things such as a vacuum cleaner and a small TV. The TV still worked so that was put to the side with all the other reusable items.

Most of the junk on this job ended up getting recycled and donated and that’s why the crew separated everything from the start. The two pieces of antique furniture was donated to a small family owned furniture store located in downtown Roswell. The electronics were recycled at a facility that was also a small business. Everything else went to the Goodwill and was put on their shelves for later use to somebody else.

Our customer was very proud with Advance Junk Removal for the great prices and how we don’t just bring everything to the landfill. He asked our guys for several business cards because he wanted to hand them out to his friends. We look forward to working with his friends and him again in the near future!

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