Household Junk Out

Most people tend to have a lot of household junk that they aren’t even aware of. This junk can either be piled up in the garage or basement, or it can be furniture such as a broken television or washing machine. But whatever it may be, it needs to be hauled off. While some people choose to wait to get rid of their junk, others want to get rid of it as soon as they can. This is where we come into play because we are pretty quick with getting customers on our schedule book, sometimes even the same day.

Here’s a quick example of a customer needing to get some junk removal done fast:

A customer named Sandy who lives in Marietta gave us a call and told us she was moving that day and needed a garage full of things to be hauled out immediately. We sent out a crew who arrived at her house in less than two hours. The garage was filled with a lot of empty boxes and just random household items. The crew ended up loading up the truck and drove away all in under 45 minutes.

The example above is the kind of service a customer needs when they are in a rush to get some junk hauled off, but sometimes we aren’t able to make it out the same day if the customer calls too late or if the schedule book is filled up for the day. Here is an example of what we do if this is the case:

A customer recently called us around 4pm on a Monday to get an old couch and recliner removed from her house. She said she needed it done as soon as possible because they were sitting at the end of her driveway and she didn’t want to make the neighborhood association upset. She asked us if we could come out the same day but unfortunately our schedule book was maxed out for the day. We put her in for the first available spot the very next day and told her she can pay over the phone with her credit card because she would be at work in the morning. She was really happy with that because she didn’t know we were able to accept payments over the phone.

Our company does whatever we can do to work with the customers schedule. We will still do a hauling job with the customers permission if the they can’t be at their house at the given time. We give the customer an option to either leave a check somewhere hidden on the property or they can pay over the phone. People love to hear these two options if they aren’t able to make it to the location where the junk is at.

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