Household junk removal In Norcross

Household Junk Removal

Household Junk Removal

A sister of a repeat customer called us and informed us her mother passed away and needed some household junk removed at their residence. The house was located in Norcross which is a city we serve on a weekly basis.

Upon arrival, she told us that there were a few bulky pieces of furniture located inside one of the bedrooms in the house and that the rest of the junk is outside on the driveway by the garage as seen in the picture. This is how we tackled this job:

  • Step 1- Disassemble Furniture: Since the furniture was assembled inside the bedroom, there was no way to get it around the corners of the house. One item was a big dresser with two big mirrors attached to it. First we had to unscrew the screws holding up the mirrors and take them down. We then had to take out all the drawers to make the dresser a little bit more movable. There were two end pieces attached at both ends that we unscrewed and took apart. After disassembling the dresser, it was a piece of cake to move it outside. Now comes the extremely heavy stand up dresser they used as a TV stand. It was easy to move this one around. All we had to do is take all the drawers out and it made it around 100 pounds lighter. There were a few more pieces of furniture that we pulled out that was easier to maneuver.
  • Step 2- Clean Up Floor in Bedroom: This process was easy. The floors had clothing debris all over due to taking out the drawers and emptying them on the ground. We grabbed large garbage bags and filled them up with the clothes which we later donated. After filling the bags up, we grabbed the broom and swept the bedroom floor until it was debris free!
  • Step 3- Removing Junk On Driveway: Once we were done with the inside of the house, we moved on to the outside. We started by putting the large boxes in the truck first and stacking them neatly to save more space. After the boxes, we moved on to the plastic shelving. We took apart the shelving and placed it in the truck which saved tremendous amount of space. We then places all the other household junk in the truck. We took the broom out once again and swept for smaller debris and we were done!
  • Step 4- Dumping the junk: First we stopped by the landfill and dumped all the useless junk there. We then proceeded to the nearest goodwill and dropped off the bags of clothing, shelving and dressers. There were a few other miscellaneous items that were donated as well. After the donation center, we were all done and ready to move on to our next job!
  • This was just one job we did out of several a day. We know how to take care of household junk removal by removing it the proper way which includes donating.

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