How To Remove a Swing Set

removing swing set

Advance Junk Removal removes swing sets all the time in our line of business. We use special tools to dismantle and get the job done. A couple days ago we dismantled and hauled off a large swing set and this is how we did it:

When we arrived to the property, we backed the truck up to the end of the driveway where we can easily access it. We then went down to the backyard to take a look at the swing set. We noticed it was a wooden set so we grabbed the ax and sawzall. In previous swing set and playset removals, we would use a chainsaw to cut the wood up in a bunch of pieces to haul it off but we switched to the sawzall because it’s easier and more safe to use.

We climbed on top to where we could access the top piece of wood holding the swings and we cut it off from where it connected to the main. That piece ended up getting cut two more times to make it easy to carry to the truck. Once that piece was taken care of, we grabbed the ax and hit the roof and side walls off. Basically all there was left was the frame.


The frame was held up by four thick wooden posts. We cut all four posts in an angle so we could push it the direction we wanted it to land. Once the frame was pushed over, all we had to do is cut it up on pieces. Crew member Ben Whaley cut the rest of the swing set in many pieces while his helper Greg would load the truck at the same time which saved a lot of time. Once Ben was done cutting, he also helped load the truck with the wood debris. After all the big chunks of wood was in the truck, they picked up small wood chips that were cut off and then it was done!

This swing set removal took our crew about 45 minutes to completely haul it to the truck. Our customer was extremely satisfied on our timing and she told us she will definitely be calling us back for some more junk she has!

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