How We Haul Junk When It’s Cold

freezing cold
Over the past few weeks it has been extremely cold, especially if you’re from the south. Here in Atlanta, it got down to 4 degrees just a couple days ago. Some people think we’re crazy because we mostly work outside and we had to deal with the freezing weather. Fortunately for us, it was just another day!

This is how we started out in the cold yesterday… I woke up at 6am to the sound of my annoying alarm clock (yes I said it, we all think the sound of our alarm clocks are annoying!) I was in a great mood as usual and went into the kitchen to make some hot tea. While that was in the making, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and all the other morning stuff you have to do. I heard the buzzer go off telling me my tea was ready and I sipped it away until it was time for me to leave and meet Ben at the truck. When I opened the garage door to step outside I felt a huge gush of wind slap me in the face which was 5 degrees but according to the weather channel it felt like -11 because of the windchill. I then went back to my room and layered up more. (I finally got to wear my new wool socks!).

I jumped in my car and headed to the truck. When I arrived, Ben was already there ten minutes early. (It’s always nice to have someone show up early!). We started the truck and hopped back in my car until the truck was warmed up. Once we left, put the heat on full blast and cruised to the dump.

When we got to the dump, we did our usual routine and opened the doors to the back of the truck and lifted the bed to dump everything out but there was a problem. Everything was frozen in there and wouldn’t come out!! We ended up having to manually empty the truck by pulling every piece of junk with our hands one by one because they were attached to whatever it was sitting on. It took us a good 30-45 minutes to unload everything. By the time we were done, I ended up taking a layer of clothing off because I felt like I just got the workout of my life in 5 degree weather.

Once we arrived to our first job we were pretty warm thanks to the heat in the truck. We had to haul away a garage full of household debris. We loaded the truck up pretty fast so we could get back to the warm cab. Lindsay, our customer, told us we didn’t have to work in this cold and could come back when it gets warmer but that’s not an option to us. When we say we will be there to do the job, we mean it.

We had three more jobs for the day but luckily the temperature rose to 20 degrees. Yes, it actually felt warm to us comparing to what it was in the early morning. The one and only thing we recommended for people that have to work outside in freezing cold temperatures is to layer up and keep your head warm. Wear a beanie, scarf or ear muffs. This was a test for us and nothing can stop us from being a cool junk removal company!

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