This is How You Know You’re from Atlanta

city of Atlanta

city of Atlanta I’ve been down in this awesome state called Georgia for 26 years now. Although I don’t live inside Atlanta, it is only a 15 minute drive from the end of my driveway to the big beautiful city. I spend most of my weekends venturing around Atlanta because there is a lot to do. This is how you know you’re from Atlanta…

  • Lets face it, Atlanta traffic is something everyone living here has experienced. Whether you are coming from the city or going in the city, you more than likely have sat in standstill traffic. Our 8am rush hour starts at 6:30am and lasts until 10:30am. The 5pm rush hour is from 3pm-7pm. This includes Saturdays.
  • Everyone in Atlanta knows the famous road Ponce De Leon Ave. But if you live in the city, you call it Ponce.
  • You know you’re from Atlanta if you remember the BIG 4 radio stations as Star 94, Z93, 96 Rock and Fox 97.
  • You hope you are the one to find the car that is the subject of the latest “Amber Alert” which has been flashing for ten minutes on the DOT message board or now days you get an Amber Alert on your phone that scares the crap out of you because you never heard your phone make that noise before.
  • If there is the slightest chance of snow, all schools will close and the parking lot of the nearest grocery store will be full but once you make it inside, all the bread is already sold out.
  • The only time you eat at waffle house is Saturday or Sunday morning with a bad hang over.
  • You had a field trip to the Varsity when you were a kid to experience one of Atlanta’s biggest landmarks.
  • You thought about getting a blow up doll for your front seat just to cruise down the HOV lane without getting a ticket.
  • If someone orders unsweet tea and you think they are crazy.
  • You know Atlantans don’t have a southern accent except for the term “y’all”.
  • You know that the Big Chicken is located in Marietta.
  • You don’t like outsiders using the term “Hotlanta” to refer to our city.
  • You think the world is flat and the ends are the I-285 perimeter.
  • During the Georgia- Florida game there is complete silence in the last 5 remaining minutes.
  • When Spring starts and you see that small amount of yellow powdery substance on your car, you know you will be taking allergy pills for the next month.
  • You know you’re going to “hipster” land when you make your way to the Vortex to clog an artery.


I’m sure you all can add to the list. If you have anything else that needs to be added, feel free to leave a comment below!

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