A Junk Man’s Fantasy

“One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Treasure”

A lot of junk can be a person’s collectible item, but what distinguishes it from being trash is up to the person. There are two main characteristics that collectible treasures share and that’s desirability and rarity.

A junky item must be desirable to someone to be a great item to throw in the collector’s bin. So, your old clothes from when you were just born won’t qualify, unless you became famous for some reason. Here are a few things that makes an item desirable:

  • Condition: Condition is extremely important to what the item is worth. The baseball card collecting market is a true example of desirable condition. If you have an extremely rare card in mint condition, it would be worth more money than a card in rough condition. This basically goes for any item that holds value.
  • Value: Value is also an important aspect of a collector’s item. Lets face it, most people don’t hold on to something that long if it isn’t that valuable or won’t become valuable. A good example of this is comic books. As of now, old comic books aren’t worth much money, but if we pass these books down to our grand kids or great grand kids, they will hold a lot higher value due to its age.

There are some vintage cars that are in absolute perfect condition but there are too many of that year and model of that car. The one that holds the value in the collector’s hands are the ones that are extremely rare.

  • There are some items that can’t be produced anymore and uncommon. An example are autographed items that famous people left their signature on. Those items are rare and hold a strong value with age.
  • Another example of rarity are items used in the civil war, if someone comes across an old firearm or an authentic artillery sword, that person will probably keep it for a while or at very least try to sell it to make a great profit.

So there are valuable items that can be considered junk man’s treasure but they usually have to fall on any of the categories above to be a “real treasure”.

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