Junk Removal Job Out of Alpharetta

At Advance Junk Removal, we enjoy the fact that getting rid of our customers’ junk is part of making a house a home. Jarrett and Corey were recently sent out to a big job in Alpharetta, Georgia. Our new customers Peter and Jane were about to welcome home their only son, Tim, from serving overseas.

As part of the happy occasion, Peter wanted the garage completely cleaned out so he and his son could work on the 1983 Buick Rivera he recently discovered at a local lot. Jane was worried that junk had invaded Tim’s old room and that it needed to be spotless — just how he left it. It was time to spring into action!

With only two days until the big event, we knew we had to get the work done in time for the couple to work their own brand of magic on both these big spaces. The team on site called for backup from Cameron and Ben and then got cracking. Jarrett and Corey tackled the garage, while Cameron and Ben handled the bedroom.

There were a lot of paint cans in the garage from an old remodeling project. We had to ensure that the cans themselves were completely dumped out and the old paint packaged up appropriately for hazardous waste disposal. Yes, paint can go bad and get mildewed — and old or new, there are strict laws about dumping it!

Meanwhile, Cameron and Ben arrived and got started on the bedroom. With able assistance from Jane, we were able to separate out the “junk” from the old treasures that would make Tim’s room a comfortable place to be. We had to break down and remove some wooden furniture, and even took the lead calling a local consignment store to let them know the place was ready to move in the new dresser and nicer bed Jane bought.

Peter and Jane’s Alpharetta junk removal job was a day-long effort. We wanted to work around their busy schedule and make sure everything was done on the same day, even though it took two trips. With teamwork and supervision from the customers, the AJR crew took care of this job in only half the time Peter was expecting. That gave the family an extra evening to work together and get everything “ship shape” for their returning hero.

This Alpharetta job was challenging thanks to its mix of hazardous and non-hazardous junk, some of it in a very sensitive area of the home. Of course, it was also one of the most rewarding calls we could get. Peter and Jane were so pleased with our work that they even invited us to the big barbecue they were planning. Seeing an opportunity, the Advance Junk Removal team did a final sweep around the back yard and bagged up some branches and yard debris.

We’d be glad to offer you the same personalized service we provided to Peter and Jane. Call or email us today to find out more.

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