Junk Removal Job in Sandy Springs

Junk Removal Truck

A new customer called Advance Junk Removal a few days ago telling us he owned a large fast food franchise in the Sandy Springs area. He went on to tell us that there was a fence that needed to be taken down and hauled off along with some old wood and other debris. He wanted someone to come by and give him an estimate before scheduling an appointment. We went that same day to take a look at what he had for us, we gave him an estimate and he booked us for Monday.

Crew men Jarrett and Corey were the guys to handle this job. They took this job first thing in the morning. When they arrived, they knew exactly how they were going to tackle this.

First, Jarrett backed the large Green Machine (our awesome truck) right up to the fence and debris. They grabbed all the loose debris around this fence and stacked it in the truck before taking down the fence. Corey grabbed a sledge hammer and went to work on the fence. The fence wasn’t too hard to take down because it was old and rotten.

While Corey was sledging away, Jarrett was using his big muscles to take down parts of the fence. He was cracking jokes telling the customer that he won’t be needing to go to the gym that day because of his current workout with the fence. The customer got a big kick out of that.

After the junk squad loaded everything in the truck, they swept and made sure the area was clean. Our new customer is now our future repeat customer. He loved our personality and professionalism so much that we are now the main junk removal guys for his other large franchises.

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