Junking A Bagster In Alpharetta

Loading Truck in Marietta

Marietta is where our company started. In fact, the company’s founder was born and raised here. Since the start, we have expanded quite a bit, but we always have love for our beautiful city. This is our favorite city to be in since most of our crew is from here. Our most often visited landfill is located right in the middle of the city.

Marietta is known for the the big chicken, which is a huge landmark in the area. The square, in the heart of the city, is also a well known area to many people.

We service every single resident and business located here. Our Residential and commercial services is what we are best at. Our Crew is a clean cut group of strong young guys that can take care of any removal needs.

A Green Junk Removal Company in Marietta

Our company is known for recycling and donating up to 60% of what we receive from our customers. We believe in giving back to our community is important. When we get anything that is reusable to us, we will donate the item to a local Marietta donation center. Broken appliances and other recyclable items get transferred to the proper facility as well.

We are also known for our competitive prices. Advance Junk Removal is not a franchise, we are a local small business that is able to keep the prices down. We charge our customers on the volume of our truck and not how long it takes us. You can check out our prices by clicking here.

So next time you have clutter scattered around, let us take care of that for you! Book online today to save money or give us a call now!

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