Marietta Junk Removal Job

Advance Junk Removal Crew

Advance Junk Removal Crew

If you’ve ever been to Marietta, you know how quickly serious storms can sweep up out of nowhere, even on a clear day. A few days ago, we responded to a call where Mother Nature had made a serious wreck out of a customer’s entire yard and shed — and wow, did we find a scene we never expected!

It was the first call of the morning, and we could tell our new customer, Don, was worried. Over night, a thunderstorm had literally knocked down an old storage shed out in his back yard, spreading all kinds of junk as well as throwing lawn debris far and wide. There were branches that had snapped off trees across the street, plus junk lying everywhere — the whole contents of the shed!

This was going to be a big Marietta junk removal job!

We dispatched Ben and Jarrett, knowing this was serious, but not knowing how serious. When we got there, we were shocked: It looked like a war zone, and the Advance Junk Removal team was ready to help! After a quick “briefing” with Don about what had happened and what the shed had in it, we started on our containment and clean up.

It was important that we get done as soon as possible, because there was bound to be another storm soon. If everything wasn’t taken care of, it could spread the mess even further. Heck — yard debris and all kinds of junk might even end up in the neighbors’ yards, making this an even hairier situation.

The first and most important step was to get rid of long, heavy branches that were big enough to cause more damage, but not so big that they couldn’t easily be blown around. Working as a team, Ben and Jarrett hacked them into more manageable pieces and bagged them up properly. After that, it was time to tackle the former contents of the shed.

This was a really sad story, because not only did we find ordinary “shed stuff” like paint and tools, but also boxes and boxes of items Don had been planning to donate to the local library and other charities. Most of it was a mess, but we decided to take the extra care to sort it so that anything that could be saved would be set aside.

The shed itself also had to be dismantled, and the chairs, carpeting, and miscellaneous electronics and tools properly “stacked and packed” for removal. Everything that could be recycled was marked and ready, and everything that couldn’t be was prepared for a safe and legal trip to an approved dump site.

It was a big job, but despite the high winds, the Advance Junk Removal crew had it all cleaned up fast — what had started out the day looking like a junk yard turned back into a manicured lawn by the time we were ready to go. Not a moment too soon, either: It rained buckets again later that same night!

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