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Old Mattress and Box Spring

Most people don’t know what to do when it comes to removing a mattress. That’s why you see old mattresses on the side of the road or in an empty parking lot. But we have a solution for that!

The AJR guys can remove it the right way. We don’t do what other people do and throw them off the side of the road, we actually recycle them because we believe in giving back to our community! Unfortunately donation centers do not accept these items no matter how good of a condition they are in because of health reasons. We put them in a special spot at the transfer station, after that, it is picked up along with many others by a company that reuses the springs and anything else that they can get out of it.

Don’t just stick these items in your garage or basement to let it collect germs, you need to get this out of the house and not have to worry about it again.

When hiring us for your hauling needs, you can count on affordable prices, awesome customer service and a clean-cut crew that will arrive to your house. We dispose of things the right way.

When you set up a time for us to come out, we always show up on time and give you a phone call when we are on the way so you can be ready to expect us. We accept check, cash and all major credit cards with an electronic receipt if needed.

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