Moving Day Junk

Moving Day Junk Removal

Concerned about the junk left behind on your moving day? When you move to a new home, you’re sure to have many things you want to get rid of both before and after the big day. Some people find that they have almost as many boxes of junk to get rid of as boxes of items to save! Use these tips to save yourself time and trouble during your move:

    • Pack Items Tightly
    • One of the reasons boxes get wasted is because items aren’t packed together tightly and use up a lot of unnecessary space. Try to group items by similar weight and shape so that you can fill a given box evenly. Smaller boxes can be filled completely — larger ones should be kept to about half their capacity to minimize the risk of back strain.

    • Break Down Your Larger Items
    • When it comes to removing larger items, like bookshelves, the task becomes much easier to manage when you break the item down into smaller parts. For example, you can usually remove the shelves from large bookshelves by removing the screws that support each surface.

    • Plan Around Local Rules
    • Many towns and cities have rules about when you can set out large items to be hauled away. In many cases, you will have to be careful that your large items are placed outside on a specific trash day — or other day that has been set aside for the purpose — or else local garbage collectors won’t remove them.

    • Consider Donating or Selling
    • Donating certain kinds of items is a fast and easy way to eliminate them from your home before you end up having to move them in the first place. Books and toys can all be donated to local charities easily. Independent furniture and antique shops will often be glad to pick up your old couches, chairs, tables and lamps.

    • Start as Early as You Can
    • The sooner you start with junk removal and with packing the belongings you want to keep, the easier it will be to manage the task. This is especially true when it comes to moving long distances — it’ll prevent you from feeling like you forgot something!

    If this sounds like a lot of work, remember your other option: Calling Advance Junk Removal. We are Atlanta’s premier junk removal professionals and we’re always ready to make your life easier.

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