Office Furniture

Office Furniture Removal

When It comes to any kind of furniture that needs to be removed from your office, we can take care of it for you. Whether it’s on the 1st floor or the 50th, we can handle it.

We will show up to your office or place of business with a two man crew (more if needed) and all you have to do is point to what you want removed and we will handle it from there.

A Recent Office Clean Out
We got called up to remove some furniture in an office in Atlanta recently. When we arrived to the building, we had to take the elevator because it was 30 floors up in a high-rise. It was mainly dozens of chairs and a few broken and old desks. Our strategy was to load as much as we could in the elevator and then come down to ground level and load the truck and then repeat the process. We used dollys and other equipment for the large items. We ended up taking 5 loads through the elevator and finished the job in an hour. We also donated a bunch of the working chairs and one desk. The company that hired us to remove these items ended up calling us back a week later to pick up some more stuff. Another successful job and happy customer in the books!

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