Old Deck Wood Removal in Atlanta

Cameron Zand Advance Junk Removal

Cameron Zand Advance Junk Removal

We got a call from a lady named Sandy that was located in Atlanta. She told us that she had her deck torn down and she needed to get rid of the wood. We put her in the books for the following Saturday at 10am.

Saturday morning when we left our first job, we called Sandy to let her know we were on the way so she can be prepared for us. We arrived 30 minutes after our call and walked around to the back of her house to see the pile of wood. The first thing we noticed was that all of it needed to be cut in order to fit into the truck. Cameron went back to the truck and grabbed the saw and got to work. While he was cutting the pieces in half, his helper, Jarrett, would carry them back to the truck.

After the torn down deck was loaded up, Cameron went to the front door to let the customer know they were done. She asked us if we needed to charge her extra because we had to cut the wood but we told her we didn’t. She was very happy that there was no extra fee for the cutting process.

We are experienced at removing any kind of wood whether if it’s from construction debris, a deck or if it has been stashed in the garage for some time. We are the guys to call to haul it all!

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