Pile of Junk Removed in Atlanta

Pile of Junk

Advance Junk Removal received a phone call from a new customer named Sandy located in Atlanta. She told us she had a lot of miscellaneous debris piled up on her yard and needed to get rid of it as soon as possible. We informed her about the special we were doing for the week and she was very pleased about it and hired us on the spot.

Once the AJR Crew arrived to the location, it was pretty obvious to what she wanted removed. The large pile was right next to the top of the driveway. The crew rang the door bell to let Sandy know we were there and the job went something like this:

  • Our first step was to remove all the large flat wooden pieces. There were several pieces of plywood that were hidden in the pile. Once all plywood was put into the truck, the crew grabbed the much bulkier wood and stacked those in the very back of the truck. The bulky items included a broken dresser, bed frames and some man made large wooden object.
  • Everything else in the pile of junk was random items. These were all transported to the truck by grabbing large hand fulls and throwing them in the back. After that, the crew pulled out a tarp and raked in some of the smaller debris. A lot of the smaller debris was also picked up by hand because they were scattered out and the rake couldn’t pick it up. The tarp was then tossed into the truck and was retrieved after dumping.
  • The crews last step was to assort all the loose metal in the truck and make that into a pile. The metal was later recycled before going to the landfill but unfortunately nothing could be donated due to the rain and broken items.

Sandy was very pleased with the performance our crew has done. She asked for a few business cards and asked us if we could come back in two weeks to do a garage clean out. We are very happy that our new customer is now a future repeat customer!

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