Playset Removal

Playset Removal

Playset Removal

Advance Junk Removal received a call to our office from a non profit organization located in East Point, Atlanta. They told us they needed a playset taken down and hauled off. AJR loves doing jobs for non profit organizations so we gave them a great deal over the phone and they hired us immediately. They told us we can come anytime during the week to remove the playset and not to rush, but we love getting people in our schedule books as soon as possible so they can plan their day accordingly.

We found an empty time slot in our schedule books the very next day so we put them down. CEO Cameron and Team Leader Ben were the lucky ones to tackle this job. Before they were dispatched, they made sure they had the proper safety gear. Advance Junk removal always puts safety first, we had eye protective goggles, protective apron chaps and hard hats. Now it was time to hit the road.

When the crew arrived at the job site they noticed there was a nice space to park right up on the curb but there was a lot of debris around that area. The crew moved the debris over to the other side of the curb so we could fit the big green machine there. We got out of the truck and walked around back to notice this beast of a playset. The playset was huge, maybe one of the biggest playsets AJR has ever tackled. But that couldn’t stop us!

Ben went ahead and cranked up the chainsaw and went to town on this monster of a playset. He started from the very top to get the roof off and worked his way to the bottom. While Ben was cutting it into pieces, Cameron was hauling the old wood to the truck. They would often switch at doing the cutting and hauling.

The crew stacked everything neatly in the truck to make sure they fit everything in one single load. It is very important for us to try to get everything in one load to save our customers as much money as possible.

Once the playset was removed and stacked up properly in the truck, it was time for Cameron and Ben to do the cleanup. They got a small tarp out of the truck and laid it out back where they were cutting the wood. The crew then picked up all the little pieces of wood and debris and threw them on the tarp for easy transport to the truck.

The job was another success in our books! If you ever need playset removal, you know exactly who to call!

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