Quick Tips To Keep Your House Clean

Everybody loves a clean house but not everyone has the time to spend hours to make it spotless. We have a handful of tips to make sure your house stays clean.

1. Dishes

A lot of families like to pile up their dishes in the sink until they have time to put them in the dishwasher. Don’t do that! When you are done with your meal, rinse your plate and put it in the dishwasher. It takes a few seconds to get that done.

2. Bathtubs

Bathtubs overtime end up getting dirty and there an easy way to fix that. Go to the store and purchase a foaming cleanser. All you have to do is spray the cleanser on the dirty parts of the tub and wipe it off. It basically does the work for you.

3. Toilets

Toilets need to be cleaned at least once a month or else it will look disgusting. Poor some toiler bowl cleaner in there and while that is soaking, wipe down the rim of the bowl followed by cleaning the bowl itself. It’s always a good thing to have a clean toilet when you have guests over.

4. Bathrooms

This can fall under the same time you clean your toilet. Start out by wiping down the counters then followed by sweeping and moping. Don’t forget to clean your mirror! I personally have to clean my mirror once a week because every time I floss, little particles fling to the mirror. Tip: If you don’t have any glass cleaner laying around, use vinegar and a paper towel.

5. Fridge, Microwave & Stove

These 3 items can be done all at the same time. It will take you less time to clean them if you frequently wipe them down every now and then instead of letting gunk build up over time. You can purchase cleaning wipes to make the job easier.

If you follow these easy tips, your house will stay beautiful and clean. Don’t forget, you always want to please guests and not give them a bad first impression of a dirty house. I leave you with a video I found on youtube with a few extra tips.

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