Recycling and Donating Old Furniture

Lifting Couch Junk Removal

When it comes to getting rid of your furniture it can be a pain in the butt. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to lift the big bulky couch or move the refrigerator by yourself. Thankfully there is a solution to that problem and that’s one of the reasons why we exist.

Everyone knows when people are getting rid of their furniture there is a thought lingering in the back of their head asking what this company is going to do with that furniture. Most people don’t want reusable stuff thrown away and taken to the landfill and that’s exactly what we don’t do.

We love hearing that we recycle and donate more than any other hauling service in Atlanta, GA. In fact, we recycle and donate up to 60% of the junk we get from our customers and there are incredible benefits from that.

When we receive any reusable furniture or appliances we immediately take them to the nearest Goodwill or the recycling plant. We enjoy dropping off couches, tables, clothes, etc. at Goodwill knowing someone else one day will be using those items again. Our broken appliances we get go to the metal plant to be reused as well.

We understand the tough times in our economy and that’s why we enjoy giving back to our community. Make sure you choose a company that loves giving back to the community as much as we do!

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