Removing Debris From Garage in Atlanta

garage construction debris

Second Load

We had a call come in last week from a customer named Gary who lives in Atlanta. He told us he got his bathroom and another room in his house remodeled and that he had the construction debris stacked up in a pile in his garage and it needed to be removed. We booked him in a spot that was opened on the following day.

When we arrived to Gary’s house, we could easily see the pile from the road. We backed the truck up close to the garage and knocked on the door. He came outside very happy to see us and told us what was included in the pile. There were bags of tile and miscellaneous debris, a very heavy cast iron tub, sheetrock, wood and a lot of other debris.

The wood was the very first thing we loaded the truck up with and there was a lot of it. We then moved onto other debris which eventually filled the truck up. We had to go to the dump and come back for a second load to finish the job. Once we got there for the second load we loaded the tub first which we placed on a dolly and then we loaded everything else up which was mostly bags of tile and sheetrock.

After all the debris was put in the truck to be hauled away, we swept up the garage to make it nice and clean. He now was able to fit his car back into the garage without any problems. Gary was very satisfied with our service. He asked us for a hand full of business cards so he can refer our company to his neighbors and friends.

We are proud to say we had yet another successful job completed in Atlanta. We love to give our customers the best service possible which is what makes us stand out differently from our competitors. Better service, best prices and that’s why we are the number one junk removal company!

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