Removing Junk Debris in Marietta

Garage Junk

Garage Junk Debris

Repeat customer with the name of Nathan who hires us for our services about three times a month gave us a call to get some junk removed from his home. Nathan is a contractor so usually we get rid of construction debris for him. This time it was a lot of built up junk located in his two car garage. Nathan told us he basically is a hoarder who just uses his garage as storage space for useless items he doesn’t need anymore. Advance Junk Removal is 100 percent use to people using their garage as a junk zone. Our junk troops gathered up and made their way to Nathan’s home to remove all the junk debris in Marietta.

  • Step one was to remove all the loose wood throughout the garage that needed to be hauled off. There was a handful of plywood that the crew stacked in the truck first because it’s flat. Once all the plywood was neatly stacked, they targeted the other pieces of wood. 2x4s and all other shapes and sizes were next to go in the truck. A few of the pieces were cut in half because they were to long to put in the big ole’ green machine (our big green truck).
  • The next step involved removing a handmade work bench. This work bench was made to last, the thing was huge and extremely heavy. The crew ended up grabbing the ax and busting the table down a little to make it more portable. Once the table was all junked up, the crew put it in the very back of the truck and stacked a few boxes on top of it and underneath of what was left. The torn off pieces of wood got stacked to the right of it with all the other loose pieces.
  • After the larger items were in the truck and organized, the rest of the stuff was smaller things such as a bike and some other household goods. The bike was in awesome shape, we don’t know why Nathan wanted to get rid of it, but we put it in the truck safely where it wouldn’t get damaged so we could donate it later to Goodwill. We always donate and recycle as much as we can to give back to the community! Once everything was in the truck, the crew grabbed the broom and dust pan and swept up the small debris to make everything clean.

Our loyal customer was upstairs during the whole junk removal process. Once he came down to see the aftermath he was very excited. He kept saying how happy his wife is going to be. They are now able to fit two cars in the garage because it was finally cleared out. We gave Nathan a great price because he has been a repeat customer for several years. The crew left and headed their way out of Marietta to the next job.

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